Schwab: Anyone seen my laptop? Must get an invoice to Soros

I left it at some repair shop; can’t remember which. It has some recipes meant for serving kids.


Harrop: What New Zealand did — and we didn’t — to curb virus

Because of the serious steps Kiwis took earlier, their economy is now open and thriving.


Saunders: More lockdowns pose greater threat than virus

A decline in routine health measures, like vaccinations and screenings, pose a long-term threat.


Schwab: If you can’t persuade the voters, suppress their votes

Unsatisfied with gerrymandering, Republicans have turned to more direct methods of suppression.

Graham: Money makes our heads spin around

Our attitudes about money and its influence in our lives are based on class and our experiences.

Saunders: Don’t let Pence’s debate performance slip by you

Overshadowed — again — by Trump, the vice president showed himself to be a huge plus for the ticket.

Harrop: Stock market likes the growth in Biden’s lead

As chances of a clear win for Biden improve, fears of uncertainty ease, encouraging investors.

Burke: During covid we travel light, by memory to Kazakhstan

Until we get a grip on the pandemic, we settle for Rick Steves, the internet and photos of travel past.

Schwab: Trump’s brush with covid didn’t cure him of his hubris

‘Don’t fear the virus,’ Trump advises. But there’s plenty to fear from his mishandling of the pandemic.

Harrop: A visitor finds Seattle the emerald it’s always been

Aside from some graffiti, Capitol Hill has withstood its weeks of overblown presidential attacks.

Schwab: You should use that ballot if you hope to see more

All agree that democracy’s at stake, but some believe they’re more deserving of its rights than others.

Harrop: Trump may be anti-abortion, but he’s not pro-life

If he and his supporters were they would advocate for face masks, the ACA and climate action.

Graham: It’s OK when superheroes need to remove their capes

Michelle Obama’s news of her mild depression reminds us to keep expectations for ourselves realistic.

Harrop: Take a second look at police, cities and actual crime

Cities aren’t on fire and interactions between officers and the public often end civilly.

Burke: It can always get worse, but do we want to test that?

Three months to go and 2020 is trying our limits for bad news, disappointment and pumpkin spice.

Schwab: A few hundred words about a picture worth 1,000

What a photo of Trump ‘poll watchers’ says about the hypocrisy that threatens our democracy.

Harrop: 2 cheers for drugmakers; third rests on price reforms

Drug companies have stood up to Trump’s empty promises. Now they can deliver on assuring fair prices.

Saunders: Trump’s indoor rally was bad idea; he had no choice

Trump sought outdoor rallies in Vegas, but Nevada’s governor blocked the safer alternative.

Schwab: To save the planet, we have to save democracy, first

Until Inauguration Day, all efforts must be focused on Trump’s departure. He’s pulling out all stops to stay.

Graham: The words used to reinforce the ‘glass ceiling’

Ambition isn’t seen as a negative trait for men. Why is it used to deny leadership roles for women?