Harrop: New York turned its back to Trump long before he left

Trump’s name has literally come down in the Big Apple; it’s no wonder he’s moving to Mar-A-Lago.


Burke: What’s worse than a lie? Not caring you’ve been lied to

Trump continues to lie because he get away with it; and his supporters have encouraged those falsehoods.


Saunders: There’s a good reason to identify the whistleblower

Judging the veracity of the allegation against Trump requires consideration of the whistleblower’s motives.


Schwab: Can’t have good government? Have a good laugh

White House and other D.C. comedy writers are keeping us chortling, dark and ironic as it is.

Harrop: Want to win in 2020? Use good manners, moderation

You don’t have to be a moderate to be well-mannered, but it comes easier to those in the middle.

Rubin: Republicans losing grip on suburban strongholds

The Trumpized GOP — vulgar, anti-intellectual, racist and reactionary — fared poorly in Tuesday’s elections.

Downie: Age of Democratic voters, not candidates, major issue

More older voters are backing Biden, while younger voters are backing Sanders, Warren and others.

Harrop: Debate why, but Democrats’ records best on economy

Even if all you care about is your stock portfolio, you’ve done best under Democratic presidents.

Robinson: Biden’s odds against Trump keep him atop pack

Despite predictions others will win the nomination, Biden still is the pick of most in early polls.

Rubin: The silliest defense of Trump since, well, the last one

Even Republicans’ best articulation of the ‘Oh, what’s a little quid pro quo?’ sounds daft.

Saunders: Harris botched message, shunning college over Trump

The Democratic presidential candidate’s protest snubbed bipartisan criminal justice reformers.

Petri: Joke’s on you Democrats for seeking impeachment vote

You thought we were serious about our ‘procedural’ demands? Ha! Fooded you, suckers.

Schwab: On a hobby horse of popularity, directing a whirlwind

Alexander Hamilton saw Trump coming, or at least someone very much like him. When will Republicans?

Ignatius: Trump’s Ukraine involvement goes beyond a phone call

As impeachment effort begins, more is being unearthed that involves the president’s past dealings.

Harrop: Klobuchar might be heartland moderate Democrats need

There’s nothing wrong with a moderate tack. It certainly worked for Bill Clinton and Barack Obama.

Ignatius: After ISIS, hope for secular change in Arab world?

Another extremist could rise in Baghdadi’s absence, but protests for change may challenge fundamentalism.

Rampell: Even cooking books can’t make case for deregulation

Looser industry rules has helped only a few, heaped on social costs and been a bust for the U.S. economy.

McArdle: Cold comfort in who WeWork ‘mastermind’ victimized

Venture capitalists, such as SoftBank, were taken for billions; maybe they’ll learn from their losses.

Robinson: Boos at a D.C. ballgame? What was Trump expecting?

This wasn’t one of his rallies. He should have expected the same vitriol he’s heaped on many others.

Burke: Character indeed counts, Mr. President; let us recount

The president declared last week Character Counts Week. It was also Unintended Irony Week.