Schwab: UN report warns of literal existential threat we face

Can we abide by a less self-destructive economic model that limits our obsession with consumption?


Gerson: Excuses for Trump mark GOP’s denial of right, wrong

The important vote tally was among Republicans: 187-4, on who rationalizes Trump’s racism.


Harrop: Until we can go cold turkey, quit Trump slow turkey

Rathter than obsessing over wall-to-wall coverage of his every tweet, let’s work on other pursuits.


Dionne: Justice’s death reminds that what’s gained can be lost

We can choose Trump’s undisguised prejudice as a vison for our country, or that of John Paul Stevens.

McArdle: Williamson, the anti-Trump, could win as he did

The self-help guru has some of the same advantages Trump had in his 2016 campaign.

Parker: Of course Trump is trying to distract; but from what?

Consider timing and the latest twists — including a bogus passport — in the case of Jeffrey Epstein.

Petri: I’ve not a racist bone in my body; it’s this darn shell

Sure, my exoskelton has its faults, but deep down I’m a just a soft grub who doesn’t see color.

Ignatius: U.S. patiently waiting for Iran to tire itself out

As Iran looks to provoke, U.S. forces are building forces and waiting for sanctions to weaken Iran.

Milbank: Trump did what Democrats couldn’t: unify the party

Trump’s ‘go back’ tweets against four House Democrats reminds all what racism really looks like.

Petri: Why Republicans haven’t denounced Trump’s racist tweets

What is this Twitter of which you speak? Did something happen? My phone was off. And under my bed.

Harrop: Drug price gouging a uniquely American experience

When your secretary of health and human services is a former pharma chief, you’re not serious about change.

Robinson: GOP silence over Trump’s attacks speaks clearly

Mute Republicans are as guilty as Trump over his ‘go back where you came from’ tweets to four Democrats.

Burke: Allow an ex-prosecutor to level charges against Trump

Of any of the candidates, Sen. Kamala Harris should know a predator — and a coward — when she sees one.

Dionne: A party divided against itself can’t beat Trump

On the campaign trail and in the House, Democrats need to find some common ground from which to fight.

saunders: Acosta had good reason to offer Epstein a deal

The deal’s optics are cringe-worthy, but that doesn’t mean a guilty verdict and justice were guaranteed.

Harrop: Pelosi puts House’s radical Democrats on notice

Voting against the caucus is one thing; threatening to ‘primary’ moderate Democrats is another.

McArdle: Which Democrat can push Trump off national stage?

Democrats seem eager to watch Harris do to Trump what she did to Biden in the debates.

Parker: No good purpose in lifting protecti0n of wolves

If hunting is allowed to resume, how long before we lose all 5,000 gray wolves in the lower 48?

Robinson: If no one is above law, prove it with impeachment

Mueller’s testimony will give House Democrats their best opening to begin proceedings against Trump.

Petri: As a man, I obviously cannot be alone with a woman

In a world now filled with working women, the threat of encountering one alone is too much to bear.