Cancer patients should be higher on vaccination list

Earlier this week I was fortunate to receive a covid-19 vaccine. My…


Ed Bremer made KSER a beacon for North Puget Sound

I live in Port Townsend. We now have a great little local…


Trump’s Big Lie about election must be challenged

We were all shocked and dismayed by the incitement of violence and…


Black history should be part of all U.S. history

To suggest Black history is some kind of specific offshoot of American history is dangerous and misleading. In the United States, “Black History Month” is… Continue reading

Columnist’s comparisons of 9-11 and covid are mistaken

Megan McArdle’s recent column compared Americans’ reactions to the 9-11 attacks and the covid-19 pandemic as similar. She proposes the do-nothing reactions from many Americans… Continue reading

Now is the time to use our words in dialogue

We now witness the power of rhetoric and verbal acuity. From the words chosen by our societal leaders to the words printed by our journalists,… Continue reading

Ranked-choice voting would provide stable, fair elections

Chances are you haven’t heard of Samuel Pierpont Langley, but you likely know the Wright Brothers. Both attempted manned flight. Langley had prestige, degrees and… Continue reading

Gift of a cookie from neighbor was a bright spot

I would like to share a bright spot in our dreary days. I live in a 220-unit apartment building downtown Everett where there is a… Continue reading

Pleased to be long-time Herald subscribers

We so appreciate our local paper.We even get disappointed when the Times is mistakenly delivered instead! As with many others, we have subscribed for 40… Continue reading

More reporting necessary about methane at Riverfront

Kudos and thanks to The Herald’s excellent reporter, Julia-Grace Sanders, for her frequent good coverage of environmental and climate issues impacting our area. However, I… Continue reading

More security patrols needed on CT Swift buses

I am a daily bus rider in Snohomish County and I ride Community Transit’s Swift bus quite frequently. I notice when I ride the Swift… Continue reading

Rhetoric of the county GOP leadership harmful, frightening

In a recent article, I was dismayed to see the chair and vice chair of the Snohomish County Republican Party engaging in rhetoric that is… Continue reading

Are U.S. Capitol riots example of our democracy?

Does the attack on American democracy represent America? Is the violence, racism and authoritarianism of Trump’s rioters the “real” America? The spirit of American Exceptionalism… Continue reading

Biden will grovel to China on trade

So now we follow a buffoon obliged to meet the demands of China, a human rights violator bar none. Trump gave his middle finger to… Continue reading

Why no arrests after gate breached at governor’s mansion?

I was appalled to read that no one was arrested when several broke through an entry gate on the grounds of the governor’s mansion, following… Continue reading

GOP gives up on democracy with state electoral college plan

State Rep. Brad Klippert, R-Kennewick, wants to propose an in state electoral college at a time when the entire sane part of our country wants… Continue reading

Inslee has no excuse for vaccine delays

A few weeks ago Gov. Jay Inslee was throwing stones at the federal government for not delivering all of the covid-19 vaccine doses promised. What… Continue reading

Restaurant rules need more sense, flexibility

I follow all of the covid mandates and restrictions. I can live with most but it bothers me in that how some things violate mandates… Continue reading

Police, housing top list of issues for City of Everett

Everett is a city that is founded on arts, culture and music. That still remains but Everett is facing homelessness, crime and a housing crisis.… Continue reading