Bring back low-pay work; end minimum wage

Americans in need of training, knowledge, experience or limited by handicaps were…


Contrary to letter, Sen. Murray lives in a small town

In a recent letter to the editor a claim was made that…


Protesters should take note of MLK’s example

Martin Luther King Jr. is a case study on how to properly…


Snohomish school bond projects, cost carefully considered

I am writing in about the Snohomish Schools bond. I am not typically a guy in favor of raising taxes. In fact, in most cases… Continue reading

How will gun legislation reduce firearms violence?

A tsunami of anti-gun bills has flooded the Legislature for attention and votes as if the state will perish if these bills are not acted… Continue reading

Reject Edmonds School District bond, levy request

Over the next few days every household in the Edmonds School District will receive a ballot for an Edmonds School District bond and levy with… Continue reading

Strike by nurses at Swedish hospitals troubling, necessary

As a registered nurse for 30 years, a potential strike at Swedish hospitals troubles me. What is more troubling however, is our fears that management… Continue reading

Fasting, diets are fads that fail most people

In A 24/7 diet culture, we should all just say no to the latest fad In response to a recent article by the AP’s Candice… Continue reading

Need for new schools, bond passage in Snohomish is clear

Did you know that 1 out of 4 students in Snohomish School District attends school in a portable? Are you aware that portables have no… Continue reading

Congress must reclaim authority to declare war from president

The U.S. and Iran are poised at the edge of war. President Trump, acting impulsively, ordered the assassination of an Iranian official considered to be… Continue reading

Animosity between U.S. and Iran goes back before 1979

In a recent Herald, David Ignatius discussed hostilities between the U.S. and Iran, which he claims began in 1979, with the takeover of our embassy… Continue reading

Plenty of blame to go around in Iran air disaster

Regarding the recent news about the accidental downing of the Ukraine airlines passenger flight, a TV consultant said that airline disasters are not generally due… Continue reading

Safety of portables a concern for Snohomish school bond

“There’s not much of a plan if they come out here.” These words spoken by a safety officer to a teacher friend are chilling. The… Continue reading

Theft from bank account warrants more restitution

Regarding the story about the a Bellingham bank employee and another woman who stole more than $350,000 from the account of an elderly lady: They… Continue reading

Immigration policy should be election issue

Listen up, America. In this day and age what with drones, border patrols and modern technology, extending the steel barrier that already exists isn’t practical… Continue reading

Replace old Marysville schools through levy passage

Marysville voters, show that you care for students here in our fine town! You will be mailed your ballot very soon for the upcoming Feb.… Continue reading

Should shareholders share in blame for deadly corporate error

Regarding what 737 Max documents have revealed on how intensely Boeing focused on cost: It’s hard to imagine any passenger willingly fly on a 737… Continue reading

Voters made a wise choice with Fortney as sheriff

I would like to thank the voters of Snohomish County for overwhelming choosing Adam Fortney as sheriff! Adam is a longtime sheriff’s office supervisor and… Continue reading

Number, services of county cold-weather shelters insufficient

As of Jan. 14, as night temperatures are in the teens, our Snohomish County website lists five “cold weather shelters.” Five shelters with a part-time,… Continue reading

Tree huggers should live in small towns that depend on timber

That is all we need. Someone who does not understand the timber industry, making decisions over our towns future. I wonder how long state Public… Continue reading