More important issues than court nominee’s affiliations

The term “Handmaid” hardly describes in a positive or objective way the…


Trump desires to serve himself, not his country

The job of United States president has historically aged good men rapidly.…


Election officials, USPS ensure reliable ballot collection

The League of Women Voters of Snohomish County stands in support of…


Culp is inexperienced and unprepared to be governor

I see that Loren Culp, candidate for governor, believes he is qualified to run a state with over 60,000 employees and a budget in the… Continue reading

Gov. Inslee’s leadership has failed the state

The Herald’s endorsement of Jay Inslee for governor for another four years is disappointing. The main reason for your paper’s endorsement is Inslee’s handling of… Continue reading

38th LD, Senate: Moody offers fresh perspective

Finally, someone who will represent the people and not special interests. Never has Everett, Tulalip and Marysville had such a sincere candidate willing to be… Continue reading

44th LD, House, Pos. 2: Berg offers varied experience, insights

April Berg is the kind of elected House representative we need for the 44th Legislative District. She has that rare combination. April really listens and… Continue reading

Gov. Inslee unworthy of trust

I am appalled by the lack of journalistic integrity employed by The Daily Herald these days but the editorial endorsement of Gov. Inslee was the… Continue reading

Stop throwing your used face masks on the ground

Hey! Stop tossing your used masks on the ground all over kingdom come! You are littering. No one will pick it up except the street… Continue reading

Housing Hope project near Sequoia will help homeless students

Any parent of a child in school these days is stressed out beyond measure. The endless Zoom classrooms, tracking lesson plans and navigating remote learning… Continue reading

Liias has direct, recent experience for lieutenant governor

Regarding The Herald’s Oct. 4 editorial regarding the lieutenant governor’s race: “Denny Heck best qualified as lieutenant governor”: Your readers deserve a competing view on… Continue reading

Sexual health education hasn’t worked in other states

Referendum 90 is a well-intentioned alteration of the social education of our children. Designed for bullying prevention, gender identity inclusion and rape prevention, it seeks… Continue reading

Graham column on stuggles with depression was helpful

Thank you for bringing Ciera Graham to The Herald’s opinion page. I appreciate her thoughtful insights and learning about her experiences as a woman of… Continue reading

As secretary of state, Tarleton will protect elections

Kim Wyman, as Secretary of State, has a right-wing record on voting that does not match the progressive policies of Gael Tarleton. In our state,… Continue reading

State auditor isn’t doing her job

Bloomberg published on Sept. 27th “Hackers Have Infiltrated Many of Washington State’s Agencies.” Pat McCarthy in 2017 supposedly was amping up cybersecurity efforts. If cyber-security… Continue reading

Trump and GOP not fit to serve as dogcatcher

The infection of Donald Trump with covid-19 is a clear indication that he and the Republican Party in general are focused on the wrong threat.… Continue reading

Disgusted by The Herald’s one-sided nonsense

How can The Herald even call itself a newspaper? Your blatant hatred of President Trump is appalling. Never ever have you written a positive article… Continue reading

Switching my vote for secretary of state to Tarleton

I voted for Kim Wyman as Washington’s Secretary of State in the past for several reasons, including the endorsements from The Herald. I am not… Continue reading

Trust your local election officials and vote

It’s important to remind voters that neither the president, or the political parties have any direct control over our voting systems. That resides in thousands… Continue reading

Learn about judicial candidates before voting

I am a 78-year-old retired lawyer. Your Snohomish County ballot will contain three contested judicial races. Do not try to discern which name sounds more… Continue reading