Credit should go to partners of Connect Casino Road

Regarding the Connect Casino Road initiative mentioned in a commentary in Sunday’s…


Speak up at Lake Stevens City Council meeting about Costco

The Costco warehouse store and gas station proposed at 20th Street and…


There is danger in revealing whistleblower’s name

Regarding the Nov. 11 Debra J. Saunders commentary regarding the Trump-Ukraine whistleblower…


Candidate’s win in Lynnwood an encouraging sign

Even though affirmative action measure Referendum 88 failed in the recent vote, I want to thank the citizens of Lynnwood for making affirmative action happen… Continue reading

Stick with the gas tax for transportation revenue

Now that the voting, taxpaying public has spoken regarding I-976 and $30 car tabs, I might offer some insight to the state, and in particular… Continue reading

Climate change or not, pollution is harmful and must stop

The recent letter to the editor, ” Clean air causing global warming,” was very interesting, although I wonder where the writer gets his facts. I… Continue reading

I-976’s message: State must live within means

Thank you, Tim Eyman and the voters! Until the leadership of Washington state and the urban counties can learn to live within their means and… Continue reading

Isn’t clean air preferable to smog?

Global warming or not, wouldn’t it be more pleasant to live with the clean air of renewable energy rather than with the smog of burning… Continue reading

Prosecuting low-level drug offenders wong emphasis

County Council Chairman Terry Ryan and Prosecutor Adam Cornell’s announcement that they want to “re-start” the prosecution of low-level drug cases in the county, in… Continue reading

I-976 passed because of state’s poor spending priorities

Hello Washington state Department of Transportation: Maybe with the passage of Initiative 976 the state will finally get the message that we want them to… Continue reading

I-976’s cheaper car tabs are going to increase costs elsewhere

There is something to be said for a jack-o-‘lantern-headed man coming along so soon after Halloween with an initiative that scares the hell out of… Continue reading

Government should listen to results of I-976

I was brought up believing that I lived in a democracy, that the people voted on things, and that the person or issue that received… Continue reading

How Boeing should apologize for the 737 Max

Dear Boeing, it’s long past time for you to issue a mea culpa regarding the crashes of the 737 Max. Here, I’ve drafted the press… Continue reading

Sheriff-elect should continue policies that are working

Many of us who have been working in various ways to help house the homeless, treat addicts and care for the mentally ill are pleased… Continue reading

Why was Veterans Day ceremony not observed in Everett?

Just wondering why there were no Veterans Day ceremony at the Eternal Flame located next to the Snohomish County Courthouse? The six of us who… Continue reading

Expand tax credits to working families

I was very concerned to read an article in the Oct. 15 Herald, “IMF downgrades outlook for world economy,” because the people who bear the… Continue reading

Please don’t feed the squirrels

Our beautiful community is growing at breakneck speed. Every time I drive down our streets, new housing developments are popping up. It’s a no brainer… Continue reading

Sorry to see Everett’s Burgermaster close

Over the weekend, my husband and I went to eat at Burgermaster on Evergreen Way at 75th, having read that it was closing. There were… Continue reading

Would it be easier to provide vaccinations in the schools?

The recent article in The Herald about school vaccinations showed how complicated things have become in modern day America (“Schools to bar hundreds of unvaccinated… Continue reading

Don’t print letters on races that don’t matter to most readers

I greatly appreciate The Herald’s and other newspapers’ efforts to inform us about the issues and the candidates, but I’m sure nobody’s interested in who… Continue reading