Focus homelessness efforts on treatment, harm reduction

I’m a social worker in Massachusetts, originally from south Everett. As the…


Stop buying, using plastic packaging

Plastics are petrochemically based packaging materials that degrade, yielding micro fibers and…


Choose sources of news carefully to understand world

From what I have seen and heard, there are still many people…


GOP wants to run on border crisis, not fix it

Regarding a recent letter to the editor about Herald Columnist Sid Schwab, immigration policies and the U.S. Border Patrol: I don’t know when the letter… Continue reading

Why was $340 million in covid aid given to undocumented immigrants?

I was searching the internet and could not locate any news in previous issues of The Herald, but found thru a commentary from The Western… Continue reading

BPA must diversify sources beyond dams

The Bonneville Power Administration was created by an act of congress in 1937 to market power from hydroelectric projects that have been a pillar of… Continue reading

Shouldn’t park rangers drive Rangers?

In my opinion, the fact that Everett park staff and Snohomish County Park Rangers drive Ford F-150’s instead of Ford Ranger pickups is a significant… Continue reading

Why was mine allowed near school kids?

I have been following the story of unnecessary staff and student illnesses and educational distractions at Fairmount Elementary in the Mukilteo School District for some… Continue reading

City of Snohomish must ensure incentive aids low-income

On Feb. 20, the Snohomish City Council agreed to a draft set of incentives for developers to build more multi-family apartments. The incentives include waiving… Continue reading

Sherwood Village a success story for mobile home owners

Herald reporter Aina de Lapparent Alvarez’s article Wednesday about Sherwood Village shows the transformative impact of resident ownership in manufactured home communities (“How Mill Creek… Continue reading

Women’s health care supporters have chance to flip Congress seat

When Roe v. Wade was overturned it simply opened the floodgates to bad policies for basic reproductive health care. Those numerous laws that were poised… Continue reading

PUD’s powerline plans needed explanation sooner

The article in the Herald about Snohomish PUD’s project to tie the Delta Switching Station on Marine View Drive to the Everett Substation on Paine… Continue reading

School bond supermajority requirement is unacceptable

I’m looking at the Spokesman-Review online like I do every day, and it says that on election night only seven of the 21 bond proposals… Continue reading

What’s behind Trump’s appeal?

Can anyone tell me why these Sons and Daughters of the Confederacy, these Southern Republicans are dancing to the tune of Donald Trump, a Yankee… Continue reading

Focus more effort on preventing opioid addiction

A recent Herald editorial cited a report from U.S. Rep. Rick Larsen’s office, sourced from a report from the CDC, outlining the findings from both… Continue reading

Keep Clark Park gazebo; it holds memories for many

Just want to put my two cents in about the removal of the Clark Park gazebo. Wow, really? Why is it that cities constantly want… Continue reading

Navalny’s death loss for Russia, world

The world was informed recently that Alexei Navalny died in a Russian prison. His cause of death has not been confirmed by the Russian government,… Continue reading

‘Good guys with guns’ isn’t working

“The only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.” That’s been the guiding philosophy of the… Continue reading

Fear not, Snohomish’s GroundFrog Day is not on its last frog legs

I am very disappointed to read that Snohomish is ending its annual GroundFrog Day celebration. In Buffalo,N.Y., we celebrate it in conjunction with Groundhog Day,… Continue reading

Parties need a talk with their apparent and aging leaders

Unless something unforeseen happens, it looks like we may be stuck with a president who is extremely old, when so many in each party would… Continue reading