Why are voters sticking to Democratic path?

Here is one more victory for the GOP, the Dems never have…


Why didn’t Democrats vet Shavers before election?

In the Aug. 27 edition of the Whidbey News-Times Terry Sparks wrote…


Everett bike lanes important part of transportation system

I disagree with a recent letter to the editor criticizing bike lanes…


Time remains to restore Child Tax Credit to fight childhood poverty

Thanks to Washington Post columnist Eugene Robinson for explaining House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s efforts and “legislative triumphs” over the last two decades that helped create… Continue reading

Time to end Trump’s attacks on elections

In all my 88 years, never did I think I’d see fellow Americans acting like the election deniers do. If they win, everything is righteous.… Continue reading

Why won’t Congress fix Social Security’s solvency?

The Herald’s editorial about the impending depletion of Social Security funds was well-written, necessary and maddening (“Drain on Social Security’s solvency isn’t easing,” The Herald,… Continue reading

What I saw differs from report on Seattle’s 2020 protest

I’m responding to the article, “Review slams Seattle police response to 2020 protest zone.” To use the modern riff of a fact checker I will… Continue reading

Why should Everett taxpayers foot bill for bike lanes?

So, despite the fact that very few residents of Madison Street wanted, or will ever use, bike lanes, the Everett Transportation Committee believes they have… Continue reading

Commentary on nursing shortage explained problem well

At my age I am grateful to have good insurance (too many do not), fantastic doctors, top-drawer clinics, and three nurses in my family to… Continue reading

Proposed grocery merger would affect all communities

Many still do not grasp the size of and implications of this this merger between two grocery behemoths. (“Grocery giants merger raises concerns for shoppers,”… Continue reading

Respect Everett Historical Commission’s vote to save house

On Oct. 2 the Everett Historical Commission voted 8-0 to deny the demolition of an historic home at 2115 Grand Ave.. On Oct. 31, city… Continue reading

Don’t have to pass state bar exam to practice law

A reader in a recent letter to the editor asserted that there are circumstances where a law-trained person not admitted to the state bar association… Continue reading

Exposure to toxic chemicals at Boeing result of rollback of regulations

So are you surprised that Boeing completely ignored their own doctor’s warning about the danger of exposure to toxic factory chemicals on the factory floor?… Continue reading

Thanks to the PUD crews for work to restore power after storm

I want to thank all of Snohomish County PUD’s workers after the windstorm that hit recently. They immediately went out to as many houses as… Continue reading

Election ploy lowered Democrats to GOP’s level

Megan McArdle’s column in the Nov. 10 Herald rightfully criticized the Democrats for boosting the chances of MAGA election-denying Republicans in primaries in order to… Continue reading

Election shows U.S. politics similar to Canadian system

American partisan politics are not unlike those of Canada. For example, one party having control over Canada’s House of Commons doesn’t translate into individual elected… Continue reading

Democrats held off expected red wave

My face is beginning to hurt from smiling. No, we didn’t win it all, but there was no red wave as has happened many times… Continue reading

This is what Democrats voted for in state

The people of Democratic-controlled Washington state have spoken. They want more crime, more inflation, more illegal immigrants allowed into the country, and more homelessness. They… Continue reading

Why does campaign rhetoric put emphasis on ‘fighting’?

It’s election time again, and from all sides we were barraged by people who ask for our votes because each and every one of them… Continue reading