Everett Council, Dist. 1: Incumbent not responsive to voters

We receive mailings from incumbents boasting of their experience and the many…


Mill Creek council, Pos. 3: Briles accessible, responsible

As a 36-year resident of Mill Creek, I urge voters to retain…


Snohomish mayor: Kartak hasn’t kept pledges

John Kartak can’t sell himself on his own merits. He embellishes his…


Everett Council, Dist. 1: Fosse strong community leader

I support Mary Fosse for Everett City Council District 1. She is a competent and strong community leader. She is more than qualified and is… Continue reading

Mukilteo school board, Dist. 2: Schwab dedicated to students

This is to encourage all of those living within the Mukilteo School District to cast their ballot for Judy Schwab so she can continue her… Continue reading

Council council races: Low, Nehring not helping renters

As the election approaches, it is vitally important our community elect Snohomish County Council members who operate with integrity, common sense and in the best… Continue reading

Council Council, Dist. 1: Nehring serves taxpayers’ interests

As a taxpayer, it is important to me that my tax dollars are being managed responsibly. That is why I am supporting Nate Nehring’s re-election… Continue reading

Everett Council, Dist. 1: Fosse gets things done

I’m supporting Mary Fosse for Everett City Council District 1 because she is simply the best person for the job. She has all the professional… Continue reading

Everett Council, Pos. 1: Fosse works for her district

When Mary Fosse co-chaired the Delta Neighborhood Association, she led an effort to obtain funds for removal of toxic waste from the neighborhood, helped organize… Continue reading

Marysville City Council: Retain the current council members

I strongly disagree with The Herald’s endorsement of Marysville City Council candidate Cindy Gobel. A Herald article of Oct. 30, 2019 quoted then-Auditor Carolyn Weikel… Continue reading

Mukilteo council, mayor: Vote for Schmalz, Stoltz, Gregerson

My parents live in Lynnwood right off Shelby Road, where trees are being logged to make room for “building up.” We are told this high-density… Continue reading

Mukilteo mayor: Marine should be mayor again

I am going to vote to elect Joe Marine for mayor of Mukilteo because when he was mayor, he: Rebuilt Rosehill School and built City… Continue reading

Snohomish mayor: Kartak in denial over protest

As a Snohomish voter, I am both dismayed and disappointed in Mayor John Kartak’s response to the Oct. 16 release of a documentary created by… Continue reading

County Council, District 1: Nate had his shot; vote for Nicole

I usually agree with The Herald’s endorsements, but the endorsement of Nate Nehring for the county council’s 1st District is one I cannot agree with.… Continue reading

Mill Creek council, Pos. 2: Vignal has leadership credential

Stephanie Vignal eats, sleeps and breathes the Mill Creek City Council on which she serves as mayor pro tem. I frequently see her on my… Continue reading

Snohomish mayor: Look deeper into Kartak’s math

A friend of mine expressed concern recently that Snohomish Mayor John Kartak was being unfairly attacked, that he was being bullied. However, another friend noted,… Continue reading

Help state determine name for Granite Falls marsh

A proposal is before the Washington State Committee on Geographic Names to name Andy Holland Marsh near Granite Falls in Snohomish County. The committee is… Continue reading

Sno. Fire & Rescue Prop. 1: Renew levy for vital service

If you’ve ever had to make an emergency call for help, you’ll know the relief you experience when you hear the sirens coming. Any time… Continue reading

Port of Everett, Dist. 1: Simpson dedicated, qualified

David Simpson has proven to be a dedicated and highly capable asset to the Port of Everett. David works hard to ensure the port brings… Continue reading

Everett Council, Dist. 1: Fosse offers fresh perspective

I support Mary Fosse for Everett City Council, District 1 and I hope you will consider joining me! Though I don’t have anything against her… Continue reading