Congress should expand Child Tax Credit, adopt Renter Tax Credit

President Biden has released his new budget. Among his many priorities, a…


State can fund expansion of naturalization support

Before the current Washington state Legislature are opportunities to expand naturalization services…


Change in solar patterns to blame for climate change

In response to the climate change article by Bloomberug’s Mark Gongloff (“Winter’s…


Forum: County ignored land-use law in allowing health center

A 32-unit behavioral health center near Stanwood doesn’t fit in the rural, agricultural area.

Back state legislation to tax companies for plastic packaging

Plastic: It’s everywhere, filling our landfills, polluting the environment, and inside our food. It takes centuries to decompose but is only used for a few… Continue reading

King County, Seattle show how not to house homeless

Just a thought that when Everett and or Snohomish County build housing for the homeless, that they pay heed to the adventures of Seattle and… Continue reading

Terrace and Brier residents, vote to join fire district by April 25

On behalf of the International Association of Firefighters Local 1828, I’m writing to express our strong support for Proposition 1 in the cities of Mountlake… Continue reading

Snohomish PUD should push BPA toward nonhydro energy sources

PUD and clean energy Push BPA to nonhydro renewable energy A recent Herald article (“PUD eyeing conservation, innovation to meet growing energy need,” The Herald,… Continue reading

State telehealth program provided prescription for covid

I have nothing but positive words for the state Department of Health’s covid Paxlovid virtual visit program. Following a positive covid test, local clinics were… Continue reading

Enough of time change; pick one and stick with it

For crying out loud, please end the twice-a-year changing of the clock! For health’s sake (and sleep’s sake!), vote on Congress’ Sunshine Protection Act already!… Continue reading

Texts from lawsuit show intent of Fox News lies to viewers

Shortly after the 2020 general election, which Joe Biden won by more than 7 million votes, I wrote to The Herald because of the continuation… Continue reading

You might be eligible for state’s Working Families Tax Credit

Through my work with Trinity Lutheran Aid Bank in Everett, I meet neighbors who need food, clothes, transportation and other emergency assistance. We know one… Continue reading

During Red Cross Month, help heroes in their relief work

Help can’t wait when emergencies strike; whether it’s for the family huddled on the street after a home fire, the patient needing a blood transfusion,… Continue reading

State lawmakers should fund programs to address Alzheimer’s

As an Alzheimer’s Association Purple Ambassador, I recently participated in the Alzheimer’s Association Advocacy Day in Olympia. It was energizing to meet with other advocates,… Continue reading

Postal delivery of The Herald isn’t working for many

The Herald got rid of its carriers and now has the U.S. Postal Service deliver the papers with the mail. However, recently the mail was… Continue reading

Providence hopsice unit care for my wife; its closure is a loss

It made me sad to read that the hospice wing at Providence Regional Medical Center Everett was closing (“Providence to close inpatient hospice unit in… Continue reading

Second Amendment essay left out important part of amendment

I’m responding to John Branthoover’s Herald Forum essay wherein he discusses the necessity of protecting the right to bear arms (“A license isn’t needed to… Continue reading

State should adopt rent control to curb costs, homelessness

I totally agree with a recent letter from Berb Kidder and his hypothesis that high rent costs equals homelessness. I also agree that landlords, at… Continue reading

Victim in fatal shooting in Everett was good friend to my family

Jeremy Anderson, the 45-year-old man shot through an apartment wall the morning of March 2 was a very close friend of my biological father Edward… Continue reading

Weigh in before March 1 on Sound Transit’s Everett Link route

I attended the Everett Link Light Rail Project tele-meeting on March 1 where the Sound Transit staff explained the various options for routing light rail… Continue reading