Just too many cats and dogs for vets to serve

Two years ago, this retired nurse went to work in a veterinarian…


Carin Chase best choice to fill county council vacancy

The Salish Sea Chapter of the Federation of Democratic Women is proud…


County council job too demanding to split with legislative job

I am shocked that there is a possibility that two Snohomish County…


State that opposes abortion but not death penalty is not pro-life

Currently 17 of the 21 states with highly restrictive or near total bans on abortion have the death penalty. Six of those states have performed… Continue reading

10th LD, Pos. 1: Shavers best choice for all in district

Clyde Shavers, running for Position 1 in the 10th Legislative District, has my vote. I look for a person who can represent all people in… Continue reading

Quiz Republican candidates on Jan. 6, 2021 Capitol attack

It is time for every candidate running for state or federal office to condemn the Jan. 6, 2021, attack on the U.S. Capitol, and the… Continue reading

Veterinary care difficult to find

I am new to this country, recently having moved here from Greece. There are nearly no veterinary services of experienced vets available. If you have… Continue reading

February vote for Marysville schools levy important

Our kids. Our future. The Marysville School District will have a very important levy election on the ballot in February 2023. The students need all… Continue reading

Keep you cats in at night, safe from coyotes

Recently, our beloved cat was killed by coyotes. When we found his remains we were horrified. After talking with others in our north Everett neighborhood,… Continue reading

Was county’s grant for Marysville sports fair use of fund?

The Herald recently reported that the Marysville community will be given money from Snohomish County to help finance a school sports programs (“Failed levies slashed… Continue reading

10th LD, Pos. 1: Shavers will protect women’s health care

I am a registered nurse, working years at Providence Hospital in Everett in labor and delivery. There is one fact about women’s health care that… Continue reading

Equating Biden, Hitler in online editorial cartoon reprehensible

I understand that The Herald is a pretty conservative paper, but I read it every day online as the paper of my local region. There… Continue reading

Inflation, border are what matters to most voters

The author of a recent diatribe letter to the editor relies on The Hartman Report. Who is Thom Hartman? According to various web sites, he… Continue reading

MAGA Republicans are voting against their own interests

When will the Make America Great Again supporters realize that Donald Trump and the Republicans are treating them as patsies? Trump and his Trumpublicans don’t… Continue reading

Sid Schwab backs his statements with citations, facts

Sid Schwab’s column each Friday is my favorite. He is highly intelligent, very well spoken, and backs-up his statements with cited sources. I greatly appreciate… Continue reading

Trump’s agenda: Warning: Letter contains sarcasm

I join in with the ad hominem attacks on Donald Trump. He is from Queens and, even worse, a businessman. He is not to be… Continue reading

Why many Democrats win in Washington state

It’s interesting to me that so many Republican voters in this state can’t understand why Democrats win almost all state wide elections. Men in my… Continue reading

Navy League has overstated its case for NAS Whidbey Growlers

The Navy League has widely propagandized its rosy notions about the EA-18G Growlers stationed at Naval Air Station Whidbey Island. The League’s missives are an… Continue reading

Seahawk fans, this is the thanks that Russel Wilson deserves?

So, a young man comes to Seattle to play for the Seattle Seahawks and works his tail off for 11 years, amasses a 112-63-1 record,… Continue reading

Why are letters to the editor missing on some days?

I have started my mornings with The Herald (and a mug of coffee) for decades. I want the local news, local perspective and local viewpoints.… Continue reading