Editorial cartoons for Saturday, June 15

A sketchy look at the day in politics.


Girls on the Run 5K was our biggest event yet

What has 1,400 feet and a smile that can light up the…


Petri: After 13 goals, ask if you’re tired of all this winning

Really, when you’re the best team in the world, isn’t scoring goals at all kinda just rubbing it in?


Schwab: So, what do we mean when use the word ‘socialism’?

Put aside the scare tactics for a moment and consider what democratic socialism has done elsewhere.

Editorial cartoons for Friday, June 14

A sketchy look at the day in politics.… Continue reading

Editorial: Air Force One can’t be improved with new paint job

President Trump should honor the history of the aircraft and abandon his red, white and blue paint scheme.

Harrop: Is there money to be made when Trump tweets?

eWith the effect Trump’s tweets can have on markets, could inside information enrich him and others?

Ignatius: Iran’s hard-liners making confrontation dangerous

Trump’s “maximum pressure” campaign has collided with the Iranian supreme leader’s maximum resistance.

Milbank: Diamond and Silk defend the honor of Rep. Steve King

If King were racist would he use two media-savvy black women to deflect reporters’ questions? Yes, yes, he would.

Story on Twisp’s Black Pine Lake invites overcrowding

It almost broke my heart (“Fire results in bigger, more plentiful fish in Black Pine Lake,” The Herald, June 5). I started going to Black… Continue reading

Editorial cartoons for Thursday, June 13

A sketchy look at the day in politics.… Continue reading

Editorial: Don’t excuse state lawmakers from transparency law

The argument they’re already exempt is easily refuted and defies the intent of the Public Records Act.

McArdle: Trump’s doctorine based on what he knows: real estate

In real estate, great risk can result in great reward, but ‘other people’s money’ is lost when a deal goes south.

Milbank: Starved for good will in D.C., ‘friendship’ tree dies

The oak sapling, a gift from France that died in quarantine, serves as a metaphor for Washington.

School uniforms mean less stress for kids and parents

Way to go Hawthorne Elementary, uniforms should be worn in all public schools! (“With money raised, uniforms are a go at Everett elementary,” The Herald,… Continue reading

Tax credit for renters would help close housing gap

Affordable housing across the U.S. is a crisis indeed (“Press officials for affordable housing solutions,” The Herald, June 7). Nationwide, only 37 affordable and available… Continue reading

Commentary: ‘Period poverty’ threat to girls’ health, education

Poor access to menstrual supplies in schools, like Kamiak High, can result in health problems, absences.

Editorial cartoons for Wednesday, June 12

A sketchy look at the day in politics.… Continue reading

Firearms aren’t the problem; prosecute criminals using guns

There are profound and repeated protestations that there are too many guns and they are the cause of so many unnecessary shootings. A lot of… Continue reading

Milbank: Nixon’s counsel draws parallels to that ’70s scandal

Why would Dean’s testimony matter? Because Watergate remains the standard by which we measure scandal.