Commentary: What goes through the mind of an ER doctor

A Harborview doctor shares how his thoughts have changed to deal with the coronavirus outbreak.


Editorial cartoons for Monday, April 6

A sketchy look at the day in the coronavirus outbreak (and politics).


Herald homework: Cats have many advantages

Why I love cats: The reason why I love these little critters…


Reader grateful for Sid Schwab’s observations

\My words cannot adequately express how grateful I am for the wisdom expressed in our very own Sid Schwab’s weekly columns. His commentaries are equal… Continue reading

Reader prefers The Herald to Fox News

I recently had to go to reading the Herald online because it’s getting harder to read newspaper print in my advanced years but I will… Continue reading

Will $1,200 checks get to senior, too?

\The media continually refer to the citizen’s $1,200 checks as being sent based on 2019 or 2018 income tax returns. If this is the sole… Continue reading

Editorial cartoons for Sunday, April 5

A sketchy look at the day in the coronavirus outbreak (and politics.)… Continue reading

Editorial: Prepare for a long fight to flatten the curve

Stay-at-home orders have been extended; but there’s reason for hope the efforts are working.

Viewpoints: What you need to know about wearing a mask

If you are showing symptoms, wear a mask around others. But most can follow social-distancing rules.

Comment: Panic a natural reaction to threat but not only one

There’s no shame in losing your cool over the outbreak, but maybe shelve the zombie books for now.

Commentary: Bookstores should be listed as ‘essential service’

Along with escape and entertainment, parents need books to continue their children’s studies at home.

Herald homework: Hardbound textbooks best for learning

I think hardcover textbooks are better than online textbooks because online textbooks are a health hazard, distracting and expensive. “Should Tablets Replace Textbooks in K-12… Continue reading

Herald homework: End switch to daylight saving time

Daylight saving time should not be continued because it can cause injuries, chaos and is not effective in its use. Primarily, the source “The Never-Ending… Continue reading

Herald homework: Walk inspired report on woodpeckers

One day I was walking in Yost Park with my family. In the forest we heard woodpeckers several times. This inspired me to study and… Continue reading

Comment: Why is Trump resisting national stay-at-home order?

His pandemic adviser, Dr. Fauci, tells CNN he doesn’t understand why this step hasn’t been taken.

Commentary: Mask shortages a threat to U.S. medical workers

Too many health-care workers have been infected; a lack of masks has contributed to those infections.

Editorial cartoons for Saturday, April 4

A sketchy look at the day in the coronavirus outbreak (and politics).… Continue reading

Reader appreciates hard work of Herald staff

I want to express my gratitude and to heartily applaud all of your staff for continuing to put out a daily paper in the midst… Continue reading

Schwab: It’s not all bad news; the president’s ratings are up

One Obama-era legacy of which Trump approves: Never let a good crisis go to waste.

We need to support The Herald’s local journalism

We are long-time Herald subscribers and feel compelled a rebuttal to Langdon Moore’s letter to the editor is necessary regarding The Herald’s donation request and… Continue reading